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There’s no such thing as a part-time entrepreneur

July 2, 2018 by Rich Malachy | News

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There’s no such thing as a part-time entrepreneur

There’s no such thing as a part-time entrepreneur


The internet might tell you otherwise, but I’m here to tell you that unless you give it your all – 24/7 – whatever your goal is, you won’t achieve it.


Ouch! Pretty harsh words, right? Hear me out. What I’m saying is that whatever your “it” is, it can’t be a sometimes thing. It has to be an all-the-time thing. If your “it” is a business idea and you have to work a 40+ hour a week job while you pull it all together, don’t quit the job. I’m saying keep that idea in your sights all the time and keep the conversation about your idea going – with yourself, with others, with fate or luck or whatever you believe will help.


You’re either an entrepreneur or you’re not. You don’t have to qualify it with part-time or full-time. And if you’re an entrepreneur, find a way – every day – to do something to advance your idea. Day one – write down every question or concern you have about making your dream a reality. Days two through whenever – start researching answers. As you research you’ll have more questions and more concerns but you’ll also have a growing pile of resources.


For instance, say you want to open a restaurant and you’re researching equipment costs and that leads you to Malachy Parts & Service. Be bold, be brave. Call us even though #1 you don’t have a restaurant and #2 you don’t currently need parts or service. Ask a question and you’ll probably get an answer and/or you might get a lead on another resource.  As they say, to the victor go the spoils. Every time you try or ask or make an effort, you’re closer to your goal.


Another great way to work entrepreneurism into each day is to subscribe to email newsletters, read a book, listen to podcasts or cruise YouTube for tutorials. Aim high and get advice from successful people you’ve heard of. It’s possible Jane or John Doe who’s offering an online business success workshop for a mere $1200 could help you. But there’s a lot of free advice from Warren Buffett and Daymond John and any number of fellow (famous) entrepreneurs.


Maybe you can’t walk away from everything and devote everything to achieving your goal. One thing every day, that’s all I’m asking. You can do something, regardless of how small, every day to get closer to your “it.” Any time you say, “I’ll work on that this weekend/during vacation/after the kids go to bed,” you’re hinting that you’re not an entrepreneur, that you’re not sure you can make big things happen.


And let’s get this straight, you ARE an entrepreneur so start now.