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The Big E

Effort. That’s your key word for 2019 if you want to be in a bigger, better place
(mentally, physically, financially) one year from now. Effort is what it takes to move
the needle on your success meter. Effort is what gets you off your butt and out the
door to dinners, conferences and places where you’ll shake hands and make a
connection that could mean a big change in your life.

Effort’s best friends are hustle and grit. They make sure effort gets the support it
needs for the marathon you have to run to get to a better place.

The hustle I’m talking about is the drive that leads to you stand up, introduce
yourself and make a comment or ask a question instead of sitting in the back row
and letting everyone else get the most benefit from a situation. I’m not suggesting
your hustle should involve anything illegal or that it should take advantage of
anyone else. Your hustle is all about self-promotion and never letting go of your

Grit is the gasoline in the engine that drives effort and hustle. Every time you get
knocked down, grit is there to help you get up again so that you won’t miss an
opportunity to take your shot. Grit lives for the word no or a door shut in its face
because then it can get stirred up and get you back in the game.

With hustle and grit, you’re never alone in the effort game, but we could all use more
friends, right? So get out there and meet people and make some new friends. Choose
wisely and find people who know more than you, who are as excited as you about
achieving success and who enjoy the journey of effort. I’m going to sound like a big
ol’ cliché, but success isn’t a spot on the map. It’s an ongoing process that can make
every day of your life an exciting adventure. Having friends, cheerleaders and Yodas
around makes the ride more memorable.

It doesn’t matter if next year was 2019 or 1919, there are always limitless
opportunities ahead of each of us if we put the effort into it. If you need a constant
reminder, write the word on scraps of paper and put them everywhere in your life –
on your bathroom mirror, in your wallet, on your dashboard, under a refrigerator
magnet. Effort. Every time you see it, consider what it means to you and what even
one percent more effort today than yesterday would lead to.

Even the smallest amount of effort moves you forward. One phone call, one sit-up,
one instructional video more today than yesterday is the effort that leads to positive
changes. What’s inside you that’s waiting to come out – waiting for just a bit of effort
to connect with the hustle and grit that’s naturally part of you? It deserves to be
brought out into the world. You deserve for it to be brought out. The world is
waiting for it to be brought out. It only takes a little effort.