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Replacement parts

I’m expanding my horizons through physical and mental travel, so I thought I’d try a
little word play in the title of this blog. Sure, Malachy Parts & Service sells
replacement parts. It’s one of the ways we keep your commercial kitchen working.
But there’s more to the idea of replacement parts than a new condensing unit for
your walk-in.

Sometimes you have to replace old, non-working ideas and beliefs in order to move
forward. This is especially true for entrepreneurs, but not necessarily easy for them
to do.

If you’ve been following @richmalachy on social media (and I hope you are), you know that
Malachy has been blessed with enough business that we’ve needed to recruit and
hire more technicians. Employers are struggling to find good people to do good
work. Everybody is recruiting and the competition each of us face includes colleges
that hope you’ll believe you can’t have a good career without devoting a lot of time
and money to higher education. I’m not knocking college, but I’m also not buying
into the idea that there’s only one path to career satisfaction and success. That’s
definitely a part that needs to be replaced.

Another fix that is needed in the small business world is the resistance to investing
in employees. The smarter Malachy technicians are, the more business comes our
way. That’s true with every Malachy employee. Every penny invested in training
comes back to us ten-fold. There’s a concept that is sometimes attributed to Silicon
Valley that you hire for the culture fit and provide the training needed. If you don’t
already agree with that, you might want to look into a part replacement. Give me an
enthusiastic, motivated go-getter that I can train over a trained-but-stuck-in-
his/her-ways applicant any day.

Ironically, one idea that also meets resistance but should definitely be included on
your standard “parts list” is to look back in order to move forward. Young business
owners can have a built-in resistance to old business practices. But don’t knock it
until you try it is my motto. Don’t change something just to change it. The basic rules
of commerce are still solid. The people who started businesses like Sears and The
Sharper Image were on to something. Take a page from their original books and
understand where they failed before assuming you should do something totally
different or have to invent your own business model.

There’s no light that changes from green to red when your own parts need
replacing. The only way you’ll know if it’s time to replace parts is if you get out of
your office, truck or warehouse and connect with your people – your customers,
employees, vendors, competitors. It’s a big world and you have to be part of it if you
want to grow your business. I hope I see you out there.