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Keep the gratitude flowing

Did you honestly think I’d let Thanksgiving pass without talking about gratitude?
Giving thanks is something I try to do every day because I believe it’s necessary to
acknowledge the gifts and blessings that come my way in order to keep them

What feels better than the sincere thanks from someone who just received the
perfect gift from you? If you’ve ever had that experience you completely understand
the idea of “It’s better to give than receive.” Apply that to the bigger picture – God,
the universe, magic – and think about how delighted the giver of all good things
(whoever that may be for you) feels when you regularly express gratitude. “This
person deserves more,” says the giver. “This person understands the value of the gift
he or she has been given.”

Separate from the idea that the grateful person is in line for more gifts, is the reality
of the physical and emotional value of expressing gratitude. There’s a pile of
scientific research that backs me up on this. Grateful people are healthier people.
They are more even-tempered, they weather life’s storms with more ease and they
are less likely to have heart disease. Being grateful is all about heart and every time
you let your heart speak by acknowledging what you’re thankful for, you strengthen

I’m going to have to bring Oprah into this conversation. She is probably one of the
more prominent advocates of gratitude. She brought the concept of expressing
gratitude on a daily basis into a lot of living rooms – kind of like how Elvis brought
rock ‘n’ roll into everybody’s living room in the 1950s – thank you, Oprah, and thank
you, Elvis. Oprah suggested keeping a gratitude journal – a book where you write a
daily list of what you’re grateful for.

I’m not going to go full Oprah and tell you it’s necessary to keep a written list, but I
am suggesting that you adopt a daily practice of taking a time out to count your
blessings. Maybe first thing in the morning instead of thinking how much you hate
your job or last thing at night instead of worrying about what didn’t get done.
Personally, I keep the gratitude flowing all day long, coming to a full stop sometimes
to marvel at an unexpected gift that comes my way.

One of the best things about jumping into the gratitude flow is that you can start any
time, no prep required. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been full Eeyore up to this point in
your life. The minute you start noticing the gifts in your life, you are priming the
pump for more gifts to come your way.

This is one of the few guarantees I can offer you about life: Say thanks and you get
the attention of the great bestower of gifts. Say thanks regularly, every day, and
more things to be grateful for are already on their way to you.

Become part of the flow and your dreams start coming true. I’m not wrong about
this, folks. Give it a try and see for yourself.