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It’s Summer! Time To Bring On The Fried Foods

June 20, 2017 by Rich Malachy | Commercial Kitchens

Commercial Kitchen, Fried Foods, Summer, Tips

It’s Summer! Time To Bring On The Fried Foods

Ah, fried foods of summer, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

Beach snack stands, drive-ins, fairs and carnivals are just a handful of the summer-only fried food meccas. Sure, crispy onion rings and funnel cakes can be and are served throughout the year, but what does your first bite of corn dog in the middle of February remind you of? A hot summer day at the beach with your family!

There is more than one school of thought when it comes to keeping deep fryers clean. The old school fry daddies and mamas, who are sought out for the tastiest fried delicacies, don’t believe in cleaning very often (if at all). Every layer of fried breading or food particle that becomes part of the oil is treasured seasoning. And despite months and even years of build up, those fryers keep chugging along.

Unfortunately (or luckily depending on your point of view), most health departments don’t agree with the less is more approach to commercial fryers. Then there are those French fry aficionados who prefer their fried potatoes to be a honey blonde vs. a dark ale. Keeping those folks happy requires a more regular cleaning effort.

While you’re finding you and your customers’ deep fryer sweet spot, review the cleaning tips we offer below:

• As with any piece of equipment in your commercial kitchen, always unplug before inspecting or performing maintenance or cleaning on your fryer.

• Allow any recently heated oil to cool to 150 degrees F.

• Place basket(s) in a sink.

• Drain the oil into the original container. If a large amount of sediment is present, filter with a screen or cheesecloth. Otherwise, scoop out larger pieces with a slotted spoon.

• Using a metal spatula, scrape deposits off the fryer’s walls. Wipe down the walls with a paper towel.

• Using a dishcloth (and elbow grease), scrub all surfaces. Corners may require covering a wooden spoon with a dishcloth to scrub.

• Empty soapy water, refill with fresh hot water and pour in a half cup of white vinegar.

• Repeat scrubbing process with a clean cloth.

• Empty the vinegar water and fill with hot rinse water and empty.

• Wipe the interior and exterior surfaces of the fryer with a lint-free cloth.

• Wipe the fryer element with a barely damp cloth and dry it with a dry cloth.

• Wash the frying baskets with hot water and dish soap. Rinse and place back in dryer when they are completely dry.